No longer funny

Libertarianism used to be a somewhat amusing fringe philosophy, but now it’s clear that it is a gateway drug to more seriously fucked-up political tendencies, which now have gained a measure of political ascendency.

So I apologize for treating these people as clowns, when the threat they posed was as serious as cancer and should have been attacked like cancer. Now it’s metastasized.


I said good day, sir!

Willy Wonka Capitalism,  makes me want to support the Revolutionary Oompa Loompa Worker’s Front.


Free State of Darryl

I have never seen libertarianism captured quite this precisely before.

I used to have this basically this exact conversation with Usenet libertarians decades ago; nothing ever changes.





Help the World’s Poorest by Harvesting Their Organs

is the title of this supremely trolly article by one James D. Miller, a libertarian previously seen advocating for systematic government torture, which apparently didn’t get him enough attention.

This kind of thing is the political philosophy equivalent of the carnival geeks who would entertain the crowds by biting the heads off of live chickens and performing other kind of degradation.


Nightmare Alley


Hail Eris

The difference between Illuminatus! and Atlas Shrugged. Never really thought about it before but yeah, obvious now that Robert Anton Wilson is philosophically the exact opposite of Ayn Rand.