I’m acclimated

I’ve been dealing with libertarians so long that I’m sort of used to them. That’s one reason I haven’t been keeping up this blog much, my senses have been dulled, nonsense doesn’t energize me like it used to. Occasionally a normal person will stumble on one in a position of respect and have the appropriate horrified response.

Bryan Caplan is someone I used to bother to track and comment on, because he exemplified the clueless/aspie aspect of this corner of reality. And of course, because he is not a nutcase, but a full professor at a ¬†major university and published author. If he was just a nut he wouldn’t be interesting, but he speaks for a ¬†powerful political and intellectual faction, and has the title to prove it, and the funding to keep spreading the message. That by definition makes him not a nut, which is a person with crazy ideas but no social standing to make them appear respectable.