Wrongful Termination

I have some fondness for Silk Road, or at least the idea of Silk Road. The drug laws are stupid and evil, and making technological end-runs around them isn’t a bad thing per se. But of course:

DPR’s user “signature”…includes a link to the “Mises Institute” website…Moreover in certain forum postings, DPR has cited the “Austrian economic theory” and the works of Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard – economists closely associated with the “Mises Institute” – as providing the philosophical underpinnings of Silk Road. (Ulbricht Criminal Complaint], p26)

So it follows as night follows day that the fellow who set it up is (a) an ego-addled libertardian, who (b) was not very competent at hiding his identity, and (c) is so dedicated to non-coerciveness that he openly advertised for a hit man to take out one of his employees, and bragged of having previously suborned another murder.

The undercover agent staged the employee’s torture and death, providing Ulbricht the evidence he desired along the way. Ulbricht, according the indictment, repeated that he was new at this, but didn’t think he’d made the wrong decision.

It’s hard to imagine a better argument for strong government and against libertarianism than the behavior of libertarians who temporarily gain the power to realize their repellent little fantasy lives.