Unclear on the concept

This came from a guy who tried to organize a march of 10,000 armed dipshits into Washington (and got arrested for his trouble):

I think, really, the problem of money’s influence on politics isn’t the money that is used to communicate ideas for whatever reason. The problem is that people are willing to vote without thinking. In a sense, voting is an act of aggression because you are saying that if I happen to have the majority when I cast this ballot, it’s legitimate for the government to force my will on you; to name a leader for you that has certain policies that you may or may not agree with. To impose a tax on you or pass a law that is going to be forced on you. As long as people believe that somehow voting is appropriate as a way to organize society through force, then we’re going to have a problem with influence from various places that are going to try to effect how people vote and who the guns of government are pointed at. I think that’s a much deeper problem.

This fascinates because it is so glaringly obvious how this guy thinks and how it goes wrong. The purity, simplicity, and elegance of libertarian ideals manages to lead their bearers into accepting obvious absurdities as if they had the rigorous truth of a mathematical theorem. You will note that this gun-toting macho man is implicitly  advocating a society where all force has somehow been eliminated.