Freedom’s just another word

The Mercatus Center made a ranking of most- and least- free states. Topping out at most free was North Dakota, which recently passed the most restrictive (and unconstitutional) abortion ban anywhere. As Alex Pareene commented:

So this is how the Mercatus Center defines freedom: the right of people with money to keep it all, and for everyone else to fuck off. Almost any Liberty issue that wouldn’t concern a straight, white, male capitalist is wholly ignored.


Since every transaction that happens is for the best…

This looks promising: X Out of Wonderland: A Saga via Mike O’Leary’s answer to What are the best arguments against libertarianism? on Quora:

The book “X out of Wonderland” by David Allan Cates functions as a book length argument against libertarianism. Reviewers have described it as an updated version of Candide. The main character X believes that the unregulated Global Free Market provides us with the best of all possible worlds, and the Global Free Market in return beats the everliving stuffing out of him and almost everyone he meets.