Out of the barrel of a gun

Here’s a great article about the intellectual bankruptcy of the NRA. I’m linking to it because the author notes what I’ve also been noticing and puzzling over for a long time; that the presumptive libertarians seem to be in actuality leading us ever closer to a police state:

This is the most extraordinary thing about the NRA’s ideology and the climate it’s created. By the time you read this, there will almost certainly be someone who has jumped to the comments to denounce gun regulations as an infringement of fundamental liberties. It is only the presence of uncounted millions of guns, in the hands of uncounted millions of Americans…that secures our freedom against the encroachment of a totalitarian police state.

Yet today, LaPierre got up and described the gun lobby’s vision of our future: “A police officer in every single school.” “Armed security … building design … access control … information technology.” “An active national database of the mentally ill.”

This is the NRA’s idea of a free country. Kindergarteners on lockdown. Federal monitoring of everyone’s mental-health status. Cops in every hallway.

And come to think of it, isn’t it strange that the police, who stand a good chance of being the victims of gun violence, aren’t more vocally in favor of gun control? Maybe it’s a cultural thing, maybe cops and gun nuts come from the same place. Or maybe the police see it in their self-interest to have well-armed criminals around, since it is a great argument for a large, powerful, and well-armed police force.