Tyler Cowen, who for some reason I think of as the least aspergerish member of the George Mason libertarian cabal, shows he can embarrass himself like the rest of them.

Cowen has in fact written many defenses of autism and Asperger’s, or at least their “cognitive style”, urging us to think of them as examples of neurodiversity and that such people do and should make significant contributions to society. That’s an intriguing proposition that deserves some consideration.

But if the contribution of aspys is going to be proclamations like the above, which (as you would expect) are defined by being absolutely unaware of the emotional needs and personal rights of others, then they already have a home on the political right and don’t need any more encouragement. That kind of neurodiversity has already contributed to the shredding of the social fabric to the point where it barely exists anymore.


Marginal counterrevolution

Not exactly libertarian-bashing, this article is performing the actually more important task of talking about the intellectual corruption of economics as a field and how it might be undone:

It is time to acknowledge an uncomfortable truth about the public status of economics as an expert discipline: it has grown to be far more powerful as a tool of political rhetoric, blame avoidance and elite strategy than for the empirical representation of economic life.